Murder Ballads

March 24th, 2018

MB Poster FB

Writer: Gabe Soria Artist: Paul Reinwand Artist: Christopher Hunt


June 21st, 2016

legend cover for DBD

Writer: Sam Sattin Artist: Chris Koehler

What if a biological terror agent wiped out most of humanity, and our domesticated animals were left in charge? How would our dogs and cats set about ruling and rebuilding the world? Ransom, the leader of the Dog Tribe, has been murdered by a creature known as the Endark. An English Pointer named Legend reluctantly rises to lead in his place, vowing to kill the monster once and for all. From acclaimed novelist Samuel Sattin and award-winning illustrator Chris Koehler comes LEGEND, where cat technology rules, dogs partner with hawks, and humans may be the most beastly creatures of all.

Hyper Force Neo

February 20th, 2016

hyper force cover

Artist: Jarrett Williams

HYPER FORCE NEO, from SUPER PRO K.O.! creator Jarrett Williams takes readers along on the adventures of Dean Masters, a 9th grader tasked with leading a group of tech-savvy teens called Hyper Force Neo. Their Mission? Save New Sigma City and their high-school from the sinister, intergalactic vagabonds known as the Dark Edge. With the use of their Hype Suits, Neo Keys, High-tech weaponry, and over-sized Neo Mechs, Dean and his friends just may get the job done.

The Z2 2016 Line

January 22nd, 2016

Hey Everyone Part of the Z2 2016 line has just started to be announced at Vulture The site is going to be updated accordingly soon stay tuned folks

Press Roundup

August 19th, 2015

Hey so we have been getting a lot of press lately for our titles. Here is a roundup of some of it, take a look a lot of cool stuff in these articles   8/12/15 The first, EXCLUSIVE pages from Ian McGinty’s WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE debut on!   8/13/15 “It’s OK to be […]

Announcing Modern Prometheus Productions!

July 27th, 2015

Check it out everyone a brand new phase for our comics read about it at The Hollywood Reporter and check out the new site. We have some amazing stuff planned  

Z2 Announces Comic Book Line

June 25th, 2015

WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE by Ian McGinty October, 2015 Following his stint as artist on the BRAVEST WARRIORS comic book, Ian McGinty will publish his creator owned debut as a writer/artist with Z2 Comics. WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE features the adventures of Kit, a lovable kid with a monstrous secret: his dad is the Great Shadow King […]


June 22nd, 2015

page12 (1)

Author: Chris Hunt

After an absence of five years, globe trotting and notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver returns to Paris in 1923. He has come back to aid Catherine Ayers, the wife of a wealthy Parisian socialite and the only woman he has ever loved. Her daughter has been kidnapped by the leader of a crazed anarchist gang, a man named Stacker Lee. In order to bring the girl home, Francis will have to crawl through the underbelly of the city while confronting the demons of his past, before being faced with a final choice: succumb to the man he has become, or take that mask off and be the hero he always wanted to be.

The Fall 2015 Graphic Novel Slate for Z2 Comic

June 22nd, 2015

Z2 Comics, the boutique graphic novel publisher of acclaimed graphic novels by Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel and Miss Lasko-Gross, announced today their fall 2015 graphic novel slate, including a reprint of one of Harvey Pekar’s final graphic novels and three graphic novels.  All Z2 Comics graphic novels will be distributed at comic book stores nationwide […]

Allen Son of Hellcock

June 18th, 2015


Artist: Miguel Porto

Authors: Will Tracy & Gabe Koplowitz

Allen is cowardly, directionless, and less physically menacing than a daffodil. He’s also the only son of the mightiest hero ever to plunge his sword hilt-deep into the dark heart of evil… the mighty HELLCOCK! Enjoy the ride as Allen is thrust sword-first into a not-so-classic fantasy quest that, frankly, he would rather just sit out. ALLEN: SON OF HELLCOCK is the comic book debut of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer Will Tracy, co-writer Gabe Koplowitz and artist Miguel Porto.

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