Escapo Retailer Incentives

Hey Everyone,

So back in February we offered all of our Comic Retailers incentives for ordering Escapo, now originally we promised posters T-Shirts and Prints however due to the delay some things had to change…We are happy to announce as a sort of apology for the delay we are going to upgrade the rewards package so that all posters will now be prints and all prints will be giclee art prints. We will start shipping out the packages next week. If you are an independent retailer and have ordered five or more Escapos here is the new rewards list. Please email jfrankel@z2comics with your order numbers by weeks end and we will add you to the list of shops receiving.

5 +Copies Ordered- An Escapo print

10+ Copies Ordered- An second  Escapo print

15+ Copies+ Ordered- An exclusive Escapo T-Shirt

25+ Copies+ Ordered- An Escapo  Giclee

50+ Copies Ordered- An Exclusive Escapo Giclee Only For retailers signed by Paul himself.