Cover Page

Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience

Author: Dean Haspiel

Date: July 2014

Pages: 160

MSRP: 19.99

ISBN: 978-1940878010

Diamond Code: FEB141542

Hardboiled romance has gone galactic in Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel’s FEAR, MY DEAR: A Billy Dogma Experience. Super powered paramours, Billy Dogma and Jane Legit’s pathological War of Woo unearths the chaos of a cosmic deity and Billy uncovers the psychedelic horror of an eighth “deadly sin” when he travels to the heart of his mind to face the truth of his past…and his future. Remastered from the original webcomics series, Billy Dogma is “the last romantic antihero,” a passionate bruiser head-over-heels for his knock-em-dead dame.

Created in 1995, Billy Dogma is Dean Haspiel’s ongoing love letter to the insanity of love. Dean Haspiel’s long list of artist credits include an Emmy Award for title illustration in HBO’s “Bored to Death”, an Eisner nomination for “Billy Dogma”, as well as collaborations with Jonathan Ames, “The Alcoholic”; Harvey Pekar, “The Quitter”; and Inverna Lockpez,’s ”Cuba: My Revolution”. Collected for the first time FEAR, MY DEAR is a great introduction to Dean’s work.

“Dean Haspiel offers his metaphorical take on the complexities of love and relationships in Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience, the newest episode in the action-packed lives of Billy Dogma and Jane Legit, two zany and poetic superheroes of love.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Part of the trick of cooking up hard-boiled fare, of course, is not to over-cook it; to trap in some of that warmth. Fortunately, Haspiel the storyteller knows not only how to simmer the ingredients in a dead-pan, but also how to control the flame.

Washington Post

Fear, My Dear is a brightly paneled bipartite mind-trip in which the artist’s two favorite super-powered protagonists, the lovers Billy Dogma and Jane Legit, wage a “war of woo” for and against each other and tangle with a cosmic deity that’s wreaking havoc on the very superstructure of terra incognito itself.

Austin Chronicle

“I can’t get enough of Billy Dogma, a brute of a man desperate to find love and redemption with his partner, Jane Legit, whose exploits have been previously exploited online. The plots are cataclysmic, the dialogue is poetic (and sometimes blue), and the illustrations are mesmerizing (with some nudity) with thick, bold lines and striking use of color. More please.”
–George Gene Gustines, The New York Times