Submissions Guidelines

So we at Z2 are always on the lookout for new books to publish. After all you never know when you may discover the next great comic. To that end we have an open submission policy. Submissions can be sent by using the contact page on the webiste That said in the interest of me not having to read over an 80 page manifesto about chem trails there are guidelines listed below.

1. Each Submission Must Contain Art

If you are sending in a pitch it must either have some completed pages, the more the better. Otherwise it must be a professional pitch packet with a synopsis, character design’s and some script pages.

2. Each Submission Must Be Original

Just going to nip this one in the bud, each submission must be original content created by you or someone you are working and or representing. No Green Lantern fan fictions please. We wouldn’t be able to publish it anyway.

3. Nothing too creepy/sleazy

While we are fine with adult content manner here we don’t want anything that will make our skin crawl. So please use your best judgement.

That is about it bring on those submissions!