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Electric Century Graphic Novel (Standard Edition)

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Z2 Comics has teamed up with Mikey Way and Shaun Simon to bring you Electric Century — an original graphic novel and accompanying full-length album.


Illustrated by Toby Cypress.


This is the Standard Edition graphic novel. The Deluxe Edition signed by the writers, which includes the full-length album, 'Electric Century' on vinyl LP and more is available here.


Johnny Ashford, former sitcom-star, drives drunk through a storefront and gets tossed in jail. His aspiring actress girlfriend bails him out and he begins seeing a hypnotherapist, who sends him to his “happy place”: 1980’s Atlantic City, where he relives his childhood on the boardwalk and the Electric Century casino, hardly noticing shadowy specters all around. His addiction shifts from alcohol to his hypnotic trips to the boardwalk. When his girlfriend winds up there, Johnny has to figure out how to save their lives and escape the Electric Century…

Product Information

  • Softcover
  • Please note that this is a preorder item, and is expected to ship September 2020