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Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood Graphic Novel

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Tying in with the events of Ice Nine Kill's next cinematic album, 'The Silver Scream,' 'Inked in Blood' follows a bullied teen super-fan who’s convinced that her favorite frontman could never have committed the grotesque crimes for which he's now standing trial. But when a well-intentioned show of support backfires, this super-fan finds herself locked in a life-or-death battle against a copycat killer whose depravity makes your favorite slasher films seem tame by comparison.

Get your icepicks handy, INK fans—it's going to be a bloodbath!

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The Deluxe Edition of the graphic novel includes (Limited Edition of 3,000):

  • Special Oversized Hardcover Graphic Novel (Exclusive cover artwork)
  • Limited Edition Silver Vinyl Picture Disc LP of Ice Nine Kill's album 'The Silver Scream'
  • (3) never before seen 'Inked In Blood'-inspired Art Prints
  • Limited edition "VHS" slipcase for graphic novel
The Standard Edition (Hardcover) version of the graphic novel includes:
  • Hardcover graphic novel
The Standard Edition (Softcover) version of the graphic novel includes:
  • Softcover graphic novel

          Creator Credits
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          Written by Steve Foxe

          Illustrated by Giorgia Sposito & Andres Esparza

          Edited by Ryan Cady

          Cover Artwork by Mike Cortada

          Design by Tyler Boss and Mike Cortada


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