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Dio - Holy Diver Graphic Novel

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The Dio Estate and Z2 Comics have teamed up to bring you Dio - Holy Diver, the graphic novel adaptation of the classic album "Holy Diver" and the artwork it inspired.



Behold: the Holy Diver graphic novel – an original storyline inspired by one of heavy metal’s most iconic album covers. Penned by acclaimed horror comics writer
Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), the book will tell the tale behind the events leading to the powerful moment captured on the cover of Dio's debut album—definitively addressing 30 years of fan speculation. Why is the priest being thrown into the ocean? Who is truly the villain in this scenario?

All of these questions are exclusively answered for the first time within the 120 pages of this graphic novel.


The Deluxe Edition of the graphic novel includes:

  • Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • Exclusive Vinyl Picture Disc Reissue of the classic album 'Holy Diver,' illustrated by Becky Cloonan
  • 3 never before seen 'Holy Diver' inspired Art Prints created by renowned artists, Becky Cloonan, Scott Hampton, Erik Rodriguez & Steve Chanks and Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Limited edition hardcover slipcase for graphic novel



The Standard Edition of the graphic novel includes:
  • Softcover graphic novel


Please note that this is a pre-order item. The product is expected to ship August 2021. Credit cards will be charged at time of purchase.



Writer & Artist Credits:

  • Written by Steve Niles
  • Interiors illustrated by Scott Hampton


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