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Metal Warrior — Getting the Band Back Together with 7" Vinyl

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  • Premium First Edition “Perfect Bound” Graphic Novel with 7” vinyl record



This here story is a standalone tale of what happened when the band got separated during a thousand-year war, only to get back together and find out something wasn’t quite…right. It’s your introduction to the whole Metal Warrior thing. Your chance to join us on this epic journey, and be here with us fighting Malaçites.

It's meaningful to us, to righteousness, and to the galaxies we defend.

2024 will see the release of a 9-part series telling the story of the band's leader Pskydin. Each edition will come out about 8 weeks apart, and new original Metal Warrior songs will be included with each release via the included 7" vinyl record and digital downloads. Fall of 2024 will see the release of the Metal Warrior double album entitled The Crushed Souls of Our Enemies. But you've been into Metal Warrior way before that, haven't you.

Glad to have you along.

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