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Poppy - Poppy's Inferno

Poppy - Poppy's Inferno

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Z2 Comics and Poppy have teamed up to bring you 'Poppy's inferno,' her second graphic novel.

You might think you know Poppy, but what if you were only just scratching the surface? What if you could learn more about Poppy at the same time that she learns about herself? In between two worlds, both of which work to traumatize the unsuspecting into traumatizing others, Poppy finds herself in both literal and figurative Hellscapes. She must walk the thin line between doing what she must to gain her freedom and staying true to her own identity and beliefs.

In 'Poppy's Inferno,' our hero must fight against all that try to change her, not allowing anyone to determine how she thinks, feels or hurts, all the while trying to outwit the demons that surround her every step of the way.

Bundle Options

Deluxe Edition Bundle Options

The Deluxe Edition of the graphic novel includes:

  • Hardcover 'Poppy's Inferno' graphic novel
  • Hand-signed by Poppy
  • Exclusive 'Music to Scream To' vinyl LP only available with 'Poppy's Inferno' 
  • 3 limited edition Poppy art prints 

Limited bundle options are available:

  • 100 Bundled with the Poppy Statue Black Blood Variant Exclusive
  • 100 Bundled with the Poppy Statue (Standard Edition)
  • 36 Bundled with all three Poppy Statues and all 4 covers of the book and a gift

The Deluxe Edition is a limited run of 1,200 copies.

Product Information:

  • Hardcover

  • This item has multiple bundle options. Please read through the bundle options (above) to be sure that you are selecting your preferred bundle.

  • Please note that this is a preorder item. The product is expected to ship in October 2020. Credit cards will be charged at time of purchase.

Standard Edition Bundle Options

The Standard Edition of the graphic novel includes:
  • Hardcover 'Poppy's Inferno' graphic novel (one of two unique covers, limited to 500 units each. Select above)
  • Digital download of the book's soundtrack, 'Music to Scream To'
Product Information:
  • Hardcover
  • This item has two unique cover variants that are limited to 500 units each. Each exclusive cover will be revealed in the coming months.
  • Please note that this is a preorder item. Standards and statues have begun shipping as of 10/20/20. Deluxes and vinyls release early December 2020. Credit cards will be charged at time of purchase.

Items bundled with the Graphic Novel are subject to change or cancellation at any time by Z2 Comics.  In the event that a bundled item is changed or cancelled, Z2 Comics will notify you of the change, and allow you the opportunity to cancel your order.  Purchaser assumes the risk of any such change or cancellation.




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