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Skillet - Eden II: The Aftermath

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Z2 Comics and Skillet are excited to reveal their second collaboration, 'Eden II: The Aftermath.'


The Deluxe Edition version of the graphic novel includes:

  • Deluxe slipcase 
  • Exclusive full-band cover art variant
  • Limited edition Skillet art prints


The Edition Edition version of the graphic novel includes:

  • Softcover graphic novel



It’s been five years since the end of Eden, and that in that time Cottonville has rebuilt itself. JOHN is the head of the town security, and organizes patrols with himself, SETH, and JEN. KOREY is in charge of the day-to-day running of the town, and is helped by ALEXANDRIA and XAVIER.


Under the family’s protection, Cottonville has become something of an idyllic paradise thanks to the town never suffering rowdy attacks. Nobody’s entirely sure why the rowdies stopped attacking, but many of the villagers think it might be due to all of the purple fauna that has been growing more and more in the town over the last five years.


However a new threat is emerging... one that doesn't cherish life or the new idyllic world... and Cottonville must rise to the challenge.
The second book in Skillet's Eden series that follows the themes of faith, hope and making the world a better place.



Product Information:

  • Please note that this is a preorder item and is expected to ship in September 2020. All purchases will be charged in advance.
  • Hardcover