Z2 Comics' All Hallow's Reads: Last Comic Book on the Left with Henry Zebrowski

Z2 Comics' All Hallow's Reads: Last Comic Book on the Left with Henry Zebrowski

This Halloween, Z2 Comics is revelling in all things spooky and creepy, and given our publishing line, that's not a hard thing to do. The Z2 library overflows with disturbing tales of the grim and grisly, and we'll be chatting with some of our most hellbent authors and collaborators about all things Halloween in the coming weeks.
And what gentlemen know better about the macabre then Ben, Marcus, and Henry from the uber-popular hilarious-horror podcast, Last Podcast on the Left. Since 2011, the trio has curated historical events and infamous figures to verbally vivisect for their sugary-sweet, terrifying plot twists. Marcus offers a painstakingly-researched breakdown of the event (no really—he's found verbatim amateur rap lyrics from delusional serial killers) as Henry and Ben offer squirt-milk-from-your-tear-ducts improv hilarity. 
After 500 episodes, the trio joined the Z2 Family with The Last Comic Book on the Left, a tome featuring some of the podcast's creepiest stories channeled into panels and word balloons alongside some of the most hallowed artists and writers in comics. With Halloween little more than two weeks away, we chatted with Henry about the tricks and treats set to abound at the end of the month. Also: if you're looking for some especially Halloweenesque Last Podcast listening, may we humbly recommend Episode 198 (aptly titled "Halloween") and the latest Creepypasta deep dive. Hail yourself.


You plan a special Last Comic Book on the Left Halloween special. What stories do you pick with which creative teams?

Henry Zebrowski: For Serious: The Anneliese Michel story as told by Alan Moore; FOR FUN: WHO WAS PHONE  lore explored by James Tynion.

You can time travel to any Halloween in time–'80s Detroit, ancient Ireland. Which era/event do you pick? 
Henry Zebrowski: I'd go to late '60s San Francisco and try to get into any of the original Church Of Satan's Halloween parties.
Favorite Halloween costume that you wore as a kid or beyond? 
Henry Zebrowski: My favorite one as a kid was Batman. I was Batman for three years in a row. My favorite adult costume was when I went as Ginger Frankenstein's Monster.

You have to dress up as a sexy “something.” What do you dress up as and why? 
Henry Zebrowski: I'm gonna go as "sexy"' Aleister Crowley. There needs to be more manboob representation at Halloween.

Wax lips: great or heretic? 
Henry Zebrowski: All fake lips are allowed in Halloween society.
You have to curate an all-night marathon for Halloween 2022. Which four movies do you pick? 
Henry Zebrowski: My picks are ever-changing and depends on my mood, for this year I would select:
House of 1000 Corpses
The Sentinel
The Haunting (1963)

A cabal of cryptids attack your home, but you can pick one to help you fight the others off. Who do you pick? 
Henry Zebrowski: It is a bit hacky, but you gotta go with Bigfoot for a physical altercation because he is the most jacked of all the cryptids.

Follow-up: On episode 198, a Halloween episode, a fan sent in delicious jerky. Which cryptid would provide the best jerky from its meat? 
Henry Zebrowski: Well, beef jerky is by far the best form of meat jerky. There is an entity known as a SQUONK that looks closest to a cow for it's meat.  

Guest question from your editor, Courtney Menard: If all the scream queens (Jamie lee Curtis, Fay Wray, Sarah Michelle gallar etc) got into a fight, who would win? 
Henry Zebrowski: No one beats Laurie Strode. NO ONE.

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