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Graham Coxon Superstate Vinyl

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One (1) Vinyl Record of the Superstate Album



The tracklisting and artist credits for Superstate is, as follows:

  1. Yoga Town (Artist: Kendall Goode)
  2. Uncle Sam (Artist: Eryk Donovan)
  3. It’s All In Your Mind (Artist: Paula Andrade)
  4. Only Takes A Stranger (Artist: Anna Readman)
  5. L.I.L.Y. (Artists: Luisa Russo)
  6. Bullets (Artist: Goran Gligovic)
  7. I Don’t Wanna Wait For You (Artist: Ryan Kelly)
  8. The Astral Light (Artist: Soo Lee)
  9. Heaven (Buy a Ticket) (Artist: Koren Shadmi)
  10. The Ball of Light (Artist: Vasilis Lolos)
  11. Tommy Gun (Artist: Minerva Fox)
  12. Goodbye Universe (Artist: Kim Canales)
  13. Butterfly (Artist: Dave Chisholm)
  14. We Remain (Artist: Ivan Stojković)
  15. Listen (Artist: Taylan Kurtulus)

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The accompanying original soundtrack, for the Superstate Graphic Novel. out 24th September 2021, in association with Z2 Comics. The high-concept world of Superstate encompasses the pairing of an original album soundtrack of 15 new songs from Graham Coxon, with a graphic novel of 15 stories featuring the work of 15 artists, and writers Alex Paknadel and Helen Mullane, with album and book cover artwork by Coxon himself. Experience the unique audio-visual landscape of Superstate with first story Yoga Town’ here.



Music by Graham Coxon featuring vinyl slipcase art from the Superstate original graphic novel

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