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The origin of ILLENIUM is revealed in an epic tale that spans across the ages!

In a cold totalitarian society where survival of the fittest is the golden rule, a young man named Nick has put his full faith in the warrior way. His only weakness is a reliance on regular injections of Substance, the potent elixir that his malignant overlord rations out to the loyally subservient.
A mysterious woman known as Ash exposes just how fragile his worldview is by sharing tales of a time when human and phoenix peacefully coexisted, using their mastery over fire to build a warm and wondrous society. Nick will have to move past the demons of his addictions and open up to Ash so that she might share the secrets of… ILLENIUM.

Bundle Options

Standard Hardcover Edition - $29.99

  • Hardcover graphic novel

Deluxe Oversized Hardcover Edition with Custom Slipcase - $79.99

  • Oversized hardcover graphic novel
  • Custom slipcase
  • Three limited edition art prints by Alex Moore

SIGNED Super Deluxe Bundle with slipcase - $124.99 [Limited to 100 Units] SOLD OUT

  • Oversized hardcover graphic novel SIGNED by ILLENIUM
  • Custom slipcase
  • Three limited edition art prints by Alex Moore
  • Special enamel pin designed by Darren Vogt
  • One limited edition holographic collectors card in a magnetic case numbered to 100
    Creator Credits

    WRITER: Frank Marraffino

    COVER ARTIST: Emilio Adrias

    INTERIOR ARTISTS: Pablo Andrés, Luis Expósito Hernández

    EDITOR: Jasminne Saravia

    PRINT ARTIST: Alex Moore

    DESIGNER: Rob Schwager

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