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Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors - Deluxe Book

Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors - Deluxe Book

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  • Oversized Hardcover Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel
  • Graphic Novel Slipcase
  • 11x14in
  • Art Prints


LIVE FOR ONE FRIGHT ONLY! When one of Alter Bridge’s roadies goes missing, they find a GHOULISH replacement! And what better way to pass the time between gigs than with four terrifying tales that are sure to keep you up all night! Join Alter Bridge, writer Emily Ryan Lerner (Marvel, HBO) and artist Annapaola Martello (Captain Marvel), along with Clay McLeod Chapman (Venom), Nelson Blake II (Spider-Man), Lalit Kumar Sharma (Daredevil), Beni R. Lobel (Blacklist), and Carlos Olivares for a spine-tingling ride through the supernatural!

Creator Credits

WRITERS: Emily Ryan Lerner with Nelson Blake II & Clay McLeod Chapman

ILLUSTRATORS: Annapaola Martello with Carlos Olivares, Beni R. Lobel, & Lalit Kumar Sharma

EDITOR: Chris Robinson

COVER ARTISTS: Standard Cover by Steve Chanks; Deluxe Cover by Brian Level & Dan Brown

PRINT ARTISTS: Steve Chanks; Brian Level & Dan Brown; Annapaola Martello & Aladdin Collar; Nik Virella; Guillermo Sanna & Aladdin Collar

DESIGNER: Josh Bernstein, Jason Ullmeyer

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