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GWAR: 'The New Dark Ages' LP - Exclusive Sunbolt Color Variant and Softcover Book

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One (1) Standard Softcover Edition graphic novel of Gwar's 'In The Duoverse of Absurdity'

One(1) GWAR 'The New Dark Ages' LP in Exclusive Sunbolt Color Variant with Artwork by Alex Horley, only available from Z2 Comics

Label: Slave Pit Inc.

Original Release: 06/03/2022


1. "New Dark Age"
2. "Blood Libel"
3. "Berserker Mode"
4. "Mother Fucking Liar"
5. "Unto the Breach"
6. "Completely Fucked"
7. "The Cutter"
8. "Rise Again"
9. "The Beast Will Eat Itself"
10. "Venom of the Platypus"
11. "Ratcatcher"
12. "Bored to Death"
13. "Temple Ascent (Death Whistle Suite)"
14. "Starving Gods (Death Whistle Suite)"
15. "Deus Ex Monstrum (Death Whistle Suite)"



    What can be more horrifying and terror-inducing than GWAR? The moment they must face the vomitous incarnations of themselves from a filthy alternate dimension! They've penetrated our world by rupturing the membrane which protected our very existence from these walking horrors. Unleashed in our universe, these dark mirror incarnations are bent on dominating and subjugating all of humanity to the will of The Master. Now... it is GWAR's throbbing, messy duty to save us all before it's too late!



    Written by Matt Maguire and Mike Derks of GWAR with Matt and Mikey Granger. Interior art by Andy MacDonald, Shane Patrick White, Matt Maguire and Bob Gorman with cover art by Wes Benscoter. Prints by Kelley Jones, Danijel Zezelj, Damien Worm. Edited by Rantz Hoseley and designed by Geoff Harkins.


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