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Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo Graphic Novel - Deluxe Book

Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo Graphic Novel - Deluxe Book

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Between Heaven and Hell lies a waystation for the soul--a place where your deeds in life are the keys to your eternity in the afterlife--at the Hotel Diablo. And it's Lidia Lopez's first night behind the front desk! Every guest's got a story to tell and a lesson to learn... 
Co-written by film and music superstar Machine Gun Kelly with Eliot Rahal (Knock Em Dead) and Ryan Cady (Future State: Green Lantern). Art by Martin Morazzo (Ice Cream Man), Victor Ibañez (Jean Grey), Amilcar Pinna (Generation X), Nelson Blake II (Byte-Sized), Roberta Ingranata (Doctor Who) and Rachel Smartt. 

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  • Oversized Hardcover Deluxe Edition graphic novel

  • Graphic novel slipcase with art prints

          Creator Credits

          ILLUSTRATORS: Martin Morazzo; Victor Ibañez; Nelson Blake II; Amilcar Pinna; Rachel Smartt; Roberta Ingranata

          WRITERS: Machine Gun Kelly, Eliot Rahal & Ryan Cady

          EDITOR: Chris Robinson

          COVER ARTISTS: Martin Morazzo & Aladdin Collar

          PRINT ARTISTS: Jenna Cha; Trevor Henderson; Leslie Hung


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