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Oliver Tree vs Little Ricky: ALIEN BOYS - Deluxe Book

Oliver Tree vs Little Ricky: ALIEN BOYS - Deluxe Book

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Oliver Tree and Z2 Comics have teamed up to bring you Oliver Tree vs Little Ricky: ALIEN BOYS, his first ever graphic novel.


Death-defying scooter stunts, Ukrainian tanks, sharks, monster trucks… these are just some of the indignities facing Oliver Tree as he is thrown into the meat grinder of the music industry to promote his debut retirement album "Ugly is Beautiful."

Denied his chosen herbal medicine to overcome the aches and pains, Oliver threatens to retire, prompting his label to find an out-of-this-world replacement in Little Ricky, an alien with a sick mix tape….and Oliver is forced to reckon with his own mortality in an epic battle that threatens to destroy them both.

Bundle Options

The Deluxe Book includes:

  • Hardcover Graphic Novel (Exclusive cover artwork)
  • Limited edition hardcover slipcase for graphic novel and art prints
          Creator Credits

          Written by Oliver Tree and Orpheus Collar

          Illustrated by Orpheus Collar

          Edited by Ryan Cady

          Design by Tyler Boss

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