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Rise Against Presents: Nowhere Generation - Deluxe Book

Rise Against Presents: Nowhere Generation - Deluxe Book

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The world is a powder keg - a system that favors power, wealth, and status - and we're well past the tipping point. But RISE AGAINST PRESENTS: NOWHERE GENERATION is more than just a tale of rebellion fueled by the band's passionate politics and artistic inspiration. This is a glimpse into the lives of the abandoned, a collection of down and out individuals coming together for a revolution; these are the stories of the ones who fight back.

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    • Oversized Hardcover Graphic Novel
    • Slipcase for Graphic Novel


            Creator Credits

            ILLUSTRATORS: Sally Cantirino, Val Halvorson, Huseyin Ozkan, Soo Lee

            WRITER: Shaun Simon

            EDITOR: Ryan Cady

            PRINT ARTISTS: Cara McGee, Val Halvorson, Sarah Holstein

            DESIGNER: Tyler Boss


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