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Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes - Hardcover

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Standard Hardcover Edition
  • 8” x 8” Hardcover Graphic Novel


The official graphic novel celebrating 30 years of Tori Amos's breakout album: Little Earthquakes. The landmark release that established her iconic thematic voice, as well as her live intensity behind the keys with unflinching lyrics and songs that would inspire generations of artists and musicians. This graphic novel demonstrates the lasting influence of this defining work with 24 stories inspired by the 12 songs on the album, as well as the 12 ‘B-sides’ that accompanied the album and its associated singles. With star writers such as Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood being assembled by Z2 editor Rantz Hoseley, who previously edited the multi-award-winning Comic Book Tattoo, and who painted the cover for her recent Christmastide EP.

                  Creator Credits

                  EDITOR: Rantz Hoseley

                  WRITERS & ARTISTS: Neil Gaiman, Bilquis Evely, Margaret Atwood, David Mack, Leah Moore, Colleen Doran, Derek McCulloch, Lar deSouza, Annie Zaleski, Marc Andreyko, Cat Mihos, Neil Kleid, and Alison Sampson

                  COVER ARTIST: David Mack

                  PRINT ARTISTS: Kako & Jason Levesque

                  DESIGNER: Lauryn Ipsum

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