Graham Coxon Reveals Superstate Vinyl + Tracklisting

Graham Coxon Reveals Superstate Vinyl + Tracklisting

Superstate is a new graphic novel and accompanying original soundtrack, out 27th August 2021. Fans who preordered have awaited the release of the "TBD musical component," now announced as the full vinyl soundtrack. The high-concept world of Superstate encompasses the pairing of an original album soundtrack of 15 new songs from Graham Coxon, with a graphic novel of 15 stories featuring the work of 15 artists, and writers Alex Paknadel and Helen Mullane, with album and book cover artwork by Coxon himself. 

Superstate sees Graham Coxon working with co-writers Alex Paknadel (GIGA, Friendo, Turncoat) and Helen Mullane (Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen) and 15 graphic artists including Christian Dibari, Marie Llovet and Ryan Kelly as well as musicians Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Sharlene Hector, Valentina Pappalardo and Vula to realize this reading and listening experience unlike any other. Coxon’s vision is brought to the page by an all-star co-operative of writers and artists who devised stories and visuals inspired by the original concept from Coxon. The creative process has been led by new music written and recorded by Coxon exclusively for Superstate. The result is a visual compendium that features 15 different graphic stories, each accompanied by its own individual soundtrack. 

According to Coxon, Superstate is about a dystopian world where angels and villains alike promise the people paradise, disenchanted children live feral in vast rubbish dumps and the masses are pacified by a drugged out, government-mandated digital dreamscapes and robot partners while they wait to perish on this dying planet. It seems all hope is gone but there might be one place in the universe where the most desperate can escape… heaven.


The tracklisting and artist credits for Superstate is, as follows:

1. Yoga Town (Artist: Kendall Goode)

2. Uncle Sam (Artist: Eryk Donovan)

3. It’s All In Your Mind (Artist: Andrade Estevez)

4. Only Takes A Stranger (Artist: Anna Readman)

5. L.I.L.Y. (Artists: Luisa Russo)

6. Bullets (Artist: Goran Gligovic)

7. I Don’t Wanna Wait For You (Artist: Ryan Kelly)

8. The Astral Light (Artist: Soo Lee)

9. Heaven (Buy a Ticket) (Artist: Koren Shadmi)

10. The Ball of Light (Artist: Vasilis Lolos)

11. Tommy Gun (Artist: Minerva Fox)

12. Goodbye Universe (Artist: Kim Canales) 

13. Butterfly (Artist: Dave Chisholm) 

14. We Remain (Artist: Ivan Stojković)

15. Listen (Artist: Taylan Kurtulus)




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