JUST IN: Oliver Tree Announces First Graphic Novel

JUST IN: Oliver Tree Announces First Graphic Novel

Z2 Comics reveal the first of their 2021 spring lineup today, with what is certain to be one of the most talked about comic book debuts since Stan Lee christened the Silver Age, with the arrival of Oliver Tree’s first graphic novel Oliver Tree Vs. Lil Ricky: Alien Boys! Following on a string of select track appearances following the influential artist’s untimely retirement from music, comes his latest creative venture in the world of comics!


Oliver himself told us: "I’ve been writing this manifesto for the last 15 years, and after hundreds of different versions, I’ve finally crafted the greatest story ever told. This is my magnum opus, based off real events from my travels around the world. Let this book serve as a bible for my fellow artists in their darkest hour…"

However, his new nemesis, Little Ricky chimed in. "I do not endorse this book in any way. I haven’t received any financial compensation for my contributions to the novel. Oliver did not allow me to be credited as a writer, which is strange because it’s based off my life as well. Also I would like to say I do not believe this story to be entirely accurate. He left out extremely important details to save face from making himself look bad."

“Oliver has descended upon comics like the Son of Odin to wield his scooter like Thor swinging Mjölnir,” say Z2 publisher Josh Frankel. “This book has everything his fans would want out of his first comic book, and everything comics fans could need for full indoctrination into Oliver Tree fandom. With Orpheus handling the art, I would argue that the world of Oliver Tree and Lil Ricky has never been more vivid and more hilarious.”




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