Poppy Says Her Comics Alter-Ego Is a 'Quiet Killer'

Poppy Says Her Comics Alter-Ego Is a 'Quiet Killer'

Comic Book Resources (CBR) chatted with Poppy about her upcoming 'Poppy's Inferno' graphic novel release and learned all about her own personal hell: 

CBR: What made you want to explore the theme of Hell and the Inferno through a personal lens?

Poppy: At different moments in time, my life seemed more or less like a living hell.

CBR: How do you approach creating comics differently than music?

Poppy: With this Poppy series with Genesis and Inferno, they were based on my real-life experiences. I got to collaborate with Ryan Cady who is a wonderful writer, and I love his work so much.

CBR: How much input did you have on the art for the book or the designs? 

Poppy: I got to choose two new artists. I had picked based on the story being told -- I thought their styles complemented the writing quite nicely. 

CBR: How does the art form of comics allow you to express yourself in ways that music may not? 

Poppy: Anything is possible in books and in comics. There are no budgetary restrictions, and I can tell the story exactly how I want it to be told.

CBR: As someone who found a lot of success through the internet, how do you find balance in the negativity or positivity from fans that comes your way? Do you find it better to engage or let it slide off?

Poppy: I don’t read comments myself. When people on my team bring things to my attention I read them, but I don’t want to be the one looking at a lot of the garbage people put online. I don't have enough time in my day to worry about trying to sway people into liking me or to sway them into understanding why I do certain things. Get with me or get out of my way.

CBR: Everyone changes with time, do you find yourself coming at this book differently than you did your last?

Poppy: Yes, Inferno was closer to a story I lived personally with a few spins, but I wanted Poppy to be seen as someone who has conquered a lot of naysayers and people that tried to restrict her. She is a bit of a quiet killer. 


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